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Welcome to the Seeker gaming community.

We are a group of gamers originating in the Flint Michigan area. We are a rift guild on the Aedraxis server, and we also have a guild in WoW on the Chrommagus pvp server named Fate Seekers.


** Head Start **
Feb 28, 2011

The guild has had a good start over the last few days. We seem to have done well in attracting alot of nice, helpfull people. We will be slowing down active recruitment, though people will always be welcome as long as they are friendly and helpfull. We will be looking at expanding the number of leadership positions over the next couple weeks to insure that we have folks on that can manage invites and other guild activities throughout all hours of the day. To be considered one must be willing to participate in vent and here on the site as well as showing leadership in the game.

Hopefully the next few months and on show as much promise as these last 5 days.


Head Start Details
Feb 22, 2011

They released the server names, and indeed Gnarlwood is going to be our server of choice. Headstart begins at 10am pst, I beleive that is 1pm for us est. folks. See you guys in game, I'll be on all day thurs and fri setting up the guild and helping folks out. Make sure to uninstall the beta client and install the live version of the game before thurs morning, would hate for folks to miss out because of it.

Some new recruits
Feb 17, 2011

During the Rift open beta event we have recruited Arkiosis and Armadora into the guild. We need to try to get a few more into the guild, and the open beta is a good place for getting our name out there.

Guild created in Rift Open Beta

For those with conflicting schedules, hopefully we can get people in over the weekend before server wipe.

Happy V. Day Folks
Feb 14, 2011

Starting tomorrow, Feb 15 Rift will be conducting an open beta at 10am pst until Feb 21 10am pst. Early start for pre-orders will be starting Feb 24th. Please join us on Gnarlwood server during these events.

Site Up
Feb 8, 2011

Hey everyone as promised I've started work on a seperate site, so we don't have to piggy back on Jame's PnP Site.