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I was Hacked
gr8catcher1gr8catcher1 01 Apr 2011 13:09
in discussion Rift / General Discussion » I was Hacked

So as many of you know, a couple weeks ago, my main Shiva was hacked. I finally got the account restored after a little over a week. This long delay lead to the makers of Rift crediting my account for 30 days and also giving me the full set of enchant runes you got for pre-ordering Rift.

In my eyes, this was a fairly generous offer to make up for the inconvenience and came after zero complaints from my end.

Just wanted to share this with you.

I was Hacked by gr8catcher1gr8catcher1, 01 Apr 2011 13:09
Character List by WorgathWorgath, 23 Mar 2011 22:19

Good afternoon! Finally got an email that wiki likes… doesnt like hotmail… which is the wierdest thing?

I'm Deexe, soon to be …. 45yrs young. Live in Alberta Canada with my better half (Peletha) and our 3 kids. Been playing MMO's since FFXI came out and I dislike WoW! lol.

Re: Introduce yourself here. by DeexeDeexe, 23 Mar 2011 20:55
My Justicar
WorgathWorgath 23 Mar 2011 19:44
in discussion Rift / Class Discussion » My Justicar

I put this character together as a Crusader type cleric.

I will see how it works out.

My Justicar by WorgathWorgath, 23 Mar 2011 19:44

I've had a few people ask, so thought I'd link my build here.

I typically use my Greater Razorbeast pet for solo and my Blood Raptor for instances. My usual rotation is Cadence, Head Shot, repeat til dead. Thanks to the Opportunity talent in the Ranger tree my finishers give me an extra combo point, and Cadence is good for 3 CP fully channelled, so I get a 4 pt Head Shot without really interrupting my stream of healing. At higher level I'll most likely be using Deadeye Shot out of Marksman for my finisher due to how much harder it hits.

In theory I could get more dps by getting rid of the points in Bard, but the extra healing really goes a long way in instances and for questing I'm basically my own mobile party with my pet tanking and me providing heals automatically while I dps, plus I can always round up 4-6 mobs at a time, slap Motif of Regen and Rejuvenation on my pet, cast Divert Rage so my agro goes to my pet for a few seconds, then burn them all down with Rain of Arrows. ;)

My Ranger/Bard build by SeleniaSelenia, 22 Mar 2011 22:22

That would be fun, but we might need to enlist some assistance from other Defiants. I'm sure there will be a large Gaurdain response once they knows we're camping out on their doorstep.


I'm 42, an old PnP gamer. I hate what they did with AD&D 4th edition btw. I played wow for several years. Since back when the lvl cap was 60. Our guild started raiding the 20 man ZG. Then when we tried to advance into BWL, needing 40 instead of 20 broke up our raiding. Then BC came and our main raiders left since they were leveling faster.

I like to raid but I can't be hard core, I have a full time job and a part time job but I would like to see the raid content RIFT has to offer.

Really like the game so far. My main is a rouge, but I'm also leveling some alts. If you see me on, I'm always happy to do a dungeon.


Re: Introduce yourself here. by jelennethjelenneth, 18 Mar 2011 00:41

Hello, I'm 34 years old I currently live in Rhode Island with my wife who is also trying out Rift on the same acct I was born and raised on Long Island,NY though. I work for Verizon and I've been playing MMOsfor serveral years currently I play WOW with several friends I raid with them 2-3 days a week for the most part but l'm looking for new things. Rift has def got me interested for the most part. I'm def a laid back guy always willing to help others and the guild. With that being said hope to be joining you guys in game amd having fun.

Oh and I have sausage fingers so I fat finger alot and also my wife is prob gonna want to join. If this game gets us both hooked I will be getting another acct lol. So we can both play.

Re: Introduce yourself here. by Mezz1Mezz1, 13 Mar 2011 23:17

What about a pvp event where we park a guild summoning banner just outside thier capital or something like that?

Not so fussed on the PvP side, but the ones that give bonus currency in PvE look good. Anything that improves loot can't be bad :)

Re: Guild Perk Requests by droversdrovers, 12 Mar 2011 15:35

I can go for both ideas above though would not always be able to participate but would love to have something like this available.

Re: Professions
BleuuBleuu 08 Mar 2011 22:22
in discussion Rift / General Discussion » Professions

Malmia and I have all the professions covered between us I think. On Soleil I have foraging, apothecary, and artificing. On Malmia he has outfitter, butcher, and miner. On Melodious I have mining, armorsmith, and weaponsmith (still pretty low level, 50 each I think), and Durzin has runecafting, butchering, and foraging. So once Trion adds the guild bank, we'd both be happy to start putting some items that might be helpful to others in there. And of course we can always make items by request :)

Re: Professions by BleuuBleuu, 08 Mar 2011 22:22

Guild PvP night once a week would be cool.

Maybe a Rift night? Where we pick a zone and spend an hour just killing off every rift that pops up. I'm sure folks could use the planarite, not to mention seeing all the different invasion types.

Would you like to see the guild host events? Need more people during certain hours? Want a dedicated pvp night?

We would like to see people get more vested with the guild. More participation in vent, and some guild activities would go along way to forging some new friendships and enhance all of our gaming experiance. So what ideas do you all have.

Guild Rules
BelzaviorBelzavior 08 Mar 2011 08:15
in discussion Rift / General Discussion » Guild Rules

If anyone has issue's with current rules or believes a new rule should be implemented, please post your thoughts. Please keep the discussion constructive.

Guild Rules by BelzaviorBelzavior, 08 Mar 2011 08:15

I am currently using a Cyborg R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse and, I have to say, it is the most amazingly customizable mouse you will ever find. Height, width, pinky and thumb rests, weight…you can adjust it all! Very comfortable to use due to being able to change pretty much every feature about it. A must for gamers who play for hours at a time :)

Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse by AlectoRSAlectoRS, 05 Mar 2011 18:07

Heya! Alecto here :D I got coerced into playing WoW in 2005 and really haven't looked back, MMO wise, since :) I've been part of pretty much the same raiding guild since February of 2006 (morphed in and out of 40 man/10 man/25 man/10 man incarnations) and started to play RIFT here with a small group of those same guildies :) Thank you for the guild invite! I look forward to getting to know you all and playing along side you :)

Re: Introduce yourself here. by AlectoRSAlectoRS, 05 Mar 2011 17:59

Hey all, i'm Rich a 28 year old Hi-Lo driver that currently resides in Grand Blanc, MI. I like a lot here am a very experienced mmo player (somewhere around 11-12 years)… from Ultima Online thru Rift and hopefully many more after. Belzavior and Worgath are two of my good friends IRL, so naturally i followed them here to Rift, and have loved it so far.

Everquest held my interest for some wheres around 6 years(with breaks here and there for the new 'hit' mmo), I played a Shadow Knight and Ranger among several other characters on Rodcet nife and then merged with Quellious… i think they merged it again recently, not sure. Warcraft would probably be the 2nd most addicting game I played, i had just gotten back into it last august for like the 3rd time.

I am quite versed in all the different roles in mmo's, usually i'll be tank or dps. But I like being a healer sometimes too. My main in WoW was actually a druid who i loved to bear tank on but healing was a blast too. Right now I have a Marksman/Ranger/Sab and a Reaver/Paladin… i'm kinda leaning towards the tank being my main… but who knows, lol.

Anyways, I look forward to grouping with you all and the many baddies we'll slay together!

Re: Introduce yourself here. by drevnordrevnor, 04 Mar 2011 13:27

That is quite similar to the build I am pursuing with Rykshi. It looks good and so far, I am quite happy with it.

Hi all,

My name is Mark, and i'm currently unemployed and live with Rykshi in California. We have been spending some time playing all the games rykshi listed, but are loving Rift so far. When I tried to register, my character name was taken, so that's why I added the cleric part. I usually play a healer, but am enjoying the Shaman build I currently have, I also have a sentinel build if healing is needed.

see you in game.

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