Guild Policies And Rules

Please follow the following guild policies so that we can promote a helpfull and fun community within the guild.

Guild Chat
1. Folks are to remain respectfull of one another at all times. Even if they are a real life friend or loved one, what you might say in friendly jest; others whom aren't in on the joke may find offensive or it may create an awkward environment.

2. While cursing and swearing are allowed, please keep it in check. Please keep language inline with what you would say in other social mediums like the pub, or a restaurant.

3. Please extend these rules into public chat mediums.

1. Again please be respectfull.

2. Swearing must be kept at a minimum, some of us have kids in hearing distance.

3. Party and raid leads have the option to make vent participation a prereq for joining their groups. We all wanna see progression and having a speedy and effective communication medium is a must for difficult encounters as we try to learn them. You have been forwarned.

Loot Rules
1. Loot your role! Many loot types are easily identified as a role type. For example if items drop that have parry, block, or any other mitigation oriented stats are tank items. The tank should be given priority on the item and if he needs it, respectfully pass. On the flip side if the item has +crit +AP the tank should pass to the DPS. Please follow these rules at all times, even in pick up groups.

2. Share the wealth. Once we start raids if you've already received loot on a run and there are others filling the same role please pass on the next drops so that others in the same role can get gear.